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I went to Home Depot today with my uncle and I…

I went to Home Depot today with my uncle and I couldn’t just leave these babies there. However I have no idea what they are, any guesses?


The first one is most likely an echeveria elegans, but it’s hard to tell since the leaves aren’t in great shape – it’s starting to show signs of overwatering and not enough light, so get on that asap! The second one is a peperomia graveolens. The third is an echeveria ‘tippy’, and the last one is a graptoveria ‘silver star’.

Hi! I got this teeny tiny little cactus from L…

Hi! I got this teeny tiny little cactus from Lowe’s, and the label says it’s a prickly pear “snow”, but I haven’t been able to find very much info online about the specific variety. I was wondering if I should repot her, and if so what size container would be best? Thanks so much! ❤❤❤


Hmm. It’s possible that she’s a cultivar or hybrid of opuntia engelmannii or opuntia polyacantha. Both are from the southwest and not frost-hardy, so I’d say typical desert cactus care applies!

If there’s nothing wrong with her or her soil, I wouldn’t repot her at this time. Autumn is in full-swing and cacti are going into dormancy. It’s best to leave them in a cold but not freezing spot and give them as little water as possible. They’ll sleep until spring – which is THE best time to repot. When you pick out a new container, the new size should be about two inches bigger in diameter than the current one. This leaves room for growth but won’t have too much empty soil. Good luck!!

I am so sorry for so many pictures, but we jus…

I am so sorry for so many pictures, but we just got a new batch of babies today, and I’d like to know what they are and how to care for them! I know one is an aloe (not sure what kind) and I’d say two more are succulents but that’s all I’ve got. My mother in law found them at a garage sale today. 🙂 Thank you so much in advance!! 🍃🌿🍃


Top left is aloe vera, top right is bryophyllum x houghtonii. The third picture is a graptopetalum or one of its hybrids, in need of A LOT more light. The last one is a dracaena, I think. Someone might be able to pinpoint that further. Best of luck!

Look at these babies I bought yesterday for my…

Look at these babies I bought yesterday for my birthday!


Beautiful!! Love the corpusclaria! 💕 Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi, thank you for your previous response to my…

Hi, thank you for your previous response to my question on my mum’s dracaena. I have now a problem with my little fittonia, her leaves are turning yellow on the edges. I bought it three weeks ago and repotted it the same day into a terracotta pot. I have watered it only when the soil was dry and always kept a high level of humidity. Maybe some sort of nutrient deficiencies? Thank you


I should warn you that fittonias come to me to die! 😅 The yellow could be from water stress – terracotta might not be the best choice because it wicks water out of the soil. For a plant that likes to stay lightly moist you’re better off with plastic or glazed ceramic pots.

It could also be a nutrient deficiency, for sure. You shouldn’t fertilize plants with any water soluble fertilizers for a month or two after repotting, but it would be okay to mix an all-purpose granular fertilizer into the top inch or two of soil.

Hi I got a new little bromeliad and I just wan…

Hi I got a new little bromeliad and I just wanted to show her off!!


She’s an absolute stunner!! best of luck with her!! 💚🍀

I got this bear’s paw at a walmart of all plac…

I got this bear’s paw at a walmart of all places (on sale, no less) and repotted in peat moss with a 1" drainage layer of pebbles and watered yesterday. Did some more research and realized i probably watered too much , so i added more perlite, a bit of sand, and a few small rocks. Got any tips for keeping it healthy and happy?


Jack’s recommendation: Put it in a container that has at LEAST one drainage hole. Succulents drown super easily, and cannot be effectively watered without proper drainage. That layer of gravel? Useless. It’s just going to hold stagnant water and become a cesspool of algae and yuckies.

My recommendation: is to ditch the peat moss if at all possible. Peat has a tendency to compact over time and can cut off the ability of the roots to soak up water. If you have access to compost, topsoil, or bark fines instead that would improve the soil IMMENSELY. But if not… add even more perlite and small rocks to help break up the peat.

Can you help me figure out whats up with this …

Can you help me figure out whats up with this little guy? I was just about to move him from this glass container he was given to me in, and I noticed these spots and that some of his bumps are crumbling inwards… do you have any idea about what’s wrong and how I can help him?


The bumps are called oedema, which occurs when a plant (cacti and succulents especially) is given more water than the roots can possibly soak up. The water builds up in the cells until they burst, and what’s left behind are these little brown scars.

The best thing you could do for him is remove him from the glass container, which I’m guessing doesn’t have drainage. Let him dry out in open air, out of direct sunlight for a week or two, and repot him in a mix with a LOT more grit. Cactus mix should have at least 60% grit – it can be perlite, pumice, turface, lava rock, etc. Also make sure his new pot has at least one drainage hole!


hello again!!! i was the anon with the pachyveria hybrid ask. i unpotted it like you said and got as much of the soil off as i could. heres what it looks like

are the brown parts of the stem rot? corking? what am i looking at here? is it still salvageable?


The roots look okay, which is annoying – because the brown on the stem looks very much like the beginnings of stem rot. You could take a chance and leave the plant out in open air for a week or so and see if the brown spreads or not, or you can take the more cautious route and cut the stem above the brown area and re-root the plant.

So last January a sansevieria leaf snapped off…

So last January a sansevieria leaf snapped off of a friend’s plant when she was moving it, so she gave it to me to try and grow some new ones from. Fast forward to this August, and the cuttings finally started to put up new growth (they had already rooted by March but didn’t do much after that). Personally I think the new growth is really beautiful and the color difference in the patterns is striking, but it is a lot lighter colored than the mother plant. I knew that the yellow stripe wouldn’t come through from a leaf cutting, but I didn’t think the green would change. I don’t know if something is wrong, this is just because it’s still young growth, or it’s because they get much brighter light than the original plant (they are on a shelf about a foot away from a southern window, though I am at around 47 degrees north so sunlight hours are fading fast). I just want to make sure these little guys are doing alright. Thanks!


It’s because they’re young! Por ejemplo: I have this sansevieria zeylanica and the mature leaves are so dark they’re almost black, but the tiny shoots that grow are bright green! It could certainly also be the light difference. But rest easy because these babes look healthy and happy. You seem to be doing a fine job!