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about 6 months ago, i took a seed out of an av…

about 6 months ago, i took a seed out of an avocado. About 5 months later, it sprouted!! Does it look healthy??


Looks good to me! Once it starts growing another set of leaves, I would pinch them off. This will force the plant to grow more leaves on the sides – which is important for getting a nice, full plant. Pinch the top set of leaves every time the plant grows five inches or so!

hey so my aloe vera grew muchrooms??? i feel s…

hey so my aloe vera grew muchrooms??? i feel super bad for this baby because i kind of neglected him for a bit. never again though. do you have any idea why this happened?


Mushrooms themselves are harmless to your plant, but the conditions that they require to grow mean that your soil A) has a lot of bark and shredded wood, and B) has probably been kept too moist/doesn’t have good drainage.

Get that boy some grit (perlite, pumice, coarse sand, etc.) and mix it into the soil!! Succulent soil should always be at LEAST 40% grit so it drains quickly and freely.

hey again! this guys gotten a bit brown at the…

hey again! this guys gotten a bit brown at the base but is green all the way down? any lead to why?


I think that’s normal to an extent, but it might be under some kind of stress… Maybe not enough water or too much sun?

Hello!! So this is me begging for help for my …

Hello!! So this is me begging for help for my jellybeans. I recently killed some mealy bugs that were in the roots (y’know that stinky white stuff) with alcohol, and had to cut some stems because they were brown/kinda dry. Right now I really dont know what to do bc the beans are getting mushy and soft and they’re getting even more red. There’s some roots high from the soil and I’m kinda panicking. Is there a way I can still save it? Should I just propagate the little beans before it’s too late?


These guys look very thirsty! That’s why there are roots growing from the stems and the bottom leaves are shriveled. It could be because the root damage was too severe, in which case watering probably won’t help. I would cut the stems below where the high roots are and try to re-root them in new soil. Luckily jellybean sedum are SUPER quick to root and grow, so you should have no trouble!

Was wondering if you could diagnose my silver …

Was wondering if you could diagnose my silver pothos? Got it from home depot a few months ago and over those months the leaves have been either getting brown dry spots on them or turning yellow and falling off. It has good drainage and I water it when the soil is dry below the surface. Was in pretty low light, could that be the problem? Or is home depot soil really shitty maybe? 


That’s a beautiful pothos!! i’m going to say the issue is a combination of low light and overwatering. low light means that the soil dries out much slower, and though it may be dry an inch or two below the surface, the rest of the soil could still be wet. AND since it’s winter, most plants need to dry out a bit more than they do during the growing season.

it also looks a bit overcrowded – it wouldn’t hurt to repot it into fresh soil and a slightly bigger pot, or divide and repot into two pots. best of luck!

BEEWOOBEEWOO 🚨🚨🚨 my plant :’( what is it do…

BEEWOOBEEWOO 🚨🚨🚨 my plant :’( what is it doing? It’s so dry on some leaves but super nice on the others. I recently moved it and the backside is nice which gets very little sun but the front 🙁 is all messed up. It’s sun is from a North facing window! please help!!!! (I water it when soil is dry and spray it / mist it twice a week)


Norfolk pines can be very finicky as houseplants. They prefer direct sun, but not strong sun. An east-facing window is perfect. They don’t like to be too warm during the winter, so keep them away from any heating vents. They also NEED a fair amount of humidity – most tropical plants do! – occasional misting is just not enough. I would put it on a dish or tray full of pebbles, and fill the dish with water to just below the surface of the pebbles. Don’t let the soil dry out completely – water when the first three or four inches below the soil surface are dry.

It could also be pests, which you should probs check the soil and leaves/branches for. I hope your plant recovers! Maybe some of my followers who grow norfolk pines can offer more advice.

Submitted by caustic-jay

Hi! I sent you an ask a while back asking about help with identifying some plants. I’ve also noticed some weird orange-y discoloration on the last cacti, no idea what it might be – although it has been outside and pretty neglected, but I brought it in and repotted a week or so ago and that’s when I noticed it. If you have and advice or tips to help, that would be wonderful. Thank you so much! Also, apologies in advance if I do anything wrong, I’m not so confident using tumblr…


For some reason tumblr ate all of the images once I queued this… i hope you remember the order the pics were in! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pic 1 – Crassula, possibly corymbulosa

Pic 2 – the three small ones on the left are echeveria, not sure of the species. the tall guy top right is a black prince echeveria. the bottom one is a haworthiopsis fasciata

Pic 3 – Mammillaria spinosissima

Pic 4 – Opuntia microdasys

Pic 5 – Melocactus, not sure of the species. this looks like rust, which is a fungal problem. probably from being outside and being exposed to too much rain or humidity. the marks are permanent, but repotting it will help. keep it dry until spring!

I don’t know what to do anymore. I keep trying…

I don’t know what to do anymore. I keep trying to make these buggers go away (I spray them with bug stuff and use a hose to spray them down) I just can’t figure out what to do 😞😞 please help.


That’s one hell of a mealybug infestation! Here’s some info on how to get rid of them: mealybug help

Good luck! I know how frustrating mealies can be and I hope your plant pulls through.

Hello, sorry to bother you but do you know wha…

Hello, sorry to bother you but do you know what he has ? I watered him today after just two weeks in fear that he is thirsty
I thought it was just leaves dying of old age but a sprout started wrinkling and one stem is now bowing


They look like they’ve been overwatered. If the stem is starting to be affected, I would dig up the plant to check the roots for signs of rot (any sections that are brown/black or mushy). If it is rot, you’ll have to cut away any healthy stems and/or leaves to use for cuttings and discard the rest.

These guys require very little moisture over the winter. Treat them almost as you would a cactus: only give them a small sip of water once per month during winter and add a lot of pumice or perlite to their soil to help with drainage.

Hi! So, my local store was selling these Venus…

Hi! So, my local store was selling these Venus flytraps and as a plant lover I ended up buying one, but I can’t find any good sources on how to take care of them, so I was wondering if you have any tips? As I’ve never owned one before and I want to do my best.
Also, most of the traps they were selling were in rough shape, so I tried to find one that wasn’t as banged up,ty!


Good on you, rescuing a plant destined for certain death! 👏🏽 Flytrap care can be kinda intimidating at first, but as long as you follow these rules, your plant will thrive!

– Water. They like to be kept moist. Never let the soil dry out. In summer they can handle tons of water, but during winter you should only keep them lightly moist. Because of their sensitivity to dissolved solids, flytraps should only be watered with distilled, reverse osmosis, or rain water. Any other kind of water will eventually kill your plant.

– Media. Flytraps come from areas with nutrient-poor soil. Additional minerals/salts found in fertilizers or basic potting soils will kill them. Peat moss, coco coir, or long-fiber sphagnum is best. Mix with perlite or coarse sand, but make sure these are also free of fertilizers or salts.

– Never fertilize. They get all of the nutrients they need from catching insects and soaking up the sun.

– Make sure the pot your plant is in is either plastic or glazed ceramic. Clay or unglazed ceramic pots will soak up salts, which is bad for your plant. Also make sure it has at least one drainage hole, so excess water doesn’t rot your plant.

– Sun. Give at least 4-5 hours of direct light. The more sun, the better. Flytraps can handle full sun all day, every day.

– Dormancy. Flytraps go through a winter dormancy period, and around this time you can expect a lot of the traps to die back and your plant to get smaller. If indoors, they must be kept cold (I keep mine on a chilly windowsill) and watering should be reduced. They start growing again in spring.

And that’s it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.