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Last week I noticed the soil in my roses and s…

Last week I noticed the soil in my roses and succulents had grown moldy after their recent repotting, so I removed all of the soil and started fresh with a brand new bag, trimmed some of the low-lying leaves that may have been contaminated, and gave the roses a few days to recover before watering them again (the fresh bag of soil was pretty soaked). Now, a week and a few waterings later, my roses don’t seem to be doing so hot. Any advise?

Sorry if roses are not your forté, but I love them and don’t want to lose them ☹️


Roses aren’t my particular forte (the ones I DO grow are low-maintenance or natives that require almost no care at all). Based on the moldy soil and the multiple waterings per week – maybe you’re overwatering? 🤔 The soil should be lightly moist, but not wet. Again, not an expert. Maybe one of my followers has more insight! 🙏🏽

Hello! I am debating on whether or not i shoul…

Hello! I am debating on whether or not i should put my plants outside, i live in the Illinois area and I’m not sure if i should put them outside because its very hot and sunny here! Do you have any advice on where i should place them so they dont get stressed out? I have a T5 6400k grow light just in case!

it depends on the type of plants you have, friend! not all plants have the same lighting preferences. succulents love hot and sunny, tropicals like hot and not sunny, some plants like sunny but not hot…

generally tho, any state in the northern half of the country doesn’t count as “too hot” for most plants. as long as you move them outside gradually (first day outside for 1 hour, second day for 2 hours, and so on until they’re outside permanently), and give them enough water to deal with the heat, your plants will be fine.

Hello! :) I was wondering if you could help? (…

Hello! 🙂 I was wondering if you could help? (Also I don’t usually post on tumblr so sorry if this isn’t the way to do it!)
The Echevaria on the left keeps getting little brown/white spots all over it (for 1yr+, I took t from the mother plant), and the purple echevaria on the right has only recently started to look a little sad 🙁 do you have any idea what’s going on? <3


It looks like a few different things are going on here. The spots on the left one are most likely from overwatering – the cells of the plant will literally burst from too much water and form little scabs. The one on the right has a mixture of sunburn (the dark brown on the edges of the leaves) and what looks like damage from a pest that took some NOMS out of the leaves. Could be anything from snails to caterpillars, or even birds.

I know my plants are elongated, should I cut t…

I know my plants are elongated, should I cut them? Are they sick? Also, are my plants rotting? I’m not sure why the stems are brownish and it doesn’t seem normal. I haven’t watered them in 3 weeks so I’m not sure what is wrong. Thank you for the help in advanced 🙂


your plants aren’t sick or rotting. the brown on the bottom of the stems is called corking, and it happens to all stems of succulents and cacti as they get older. they’re elongated because they’re not getting enough light – they’re stretching in search of some! you can cut them if you want, but unless you put them in a place with more light they’re going to stretch again.

Ok so 👀 my Monstera came from a cutting I too…

Ok so 👀 my Monstera came from a cutting I took out of my backyard before winter hit and killed my huge leaves my original one had, thank god I took this cutting. But uh 👀👀 he’s getting a little big and heavy on his front end, I’m supporting him by using a picture frame any recommendations on how to keep him in a pot and upright when he gets heavier?


He’s beautiful! monstera can grow fabulously large, so you’re going to need a nice heavy pot (ceramic or stone) and some supports. i’ve seen people use moss poles, wood or bamboo stakes, or even hang the vines from the wall / ceiling using rope or wall mounts. most home improvement stores will have ready made plant supports, but if they go into the soil make sure they’re non-rusting!

I&rsquo;ve had my croton for 3 months and all …

I’ve had my croton for 3 months and all its leaves are starting to fall off, how do you care for yours?

Garden crotons are one of those really fussy plants that don’t like to be moved around. usually that’s what causes leaf loss, but any sudden change to their care can cause them to shed.

I have my croton in a sunroom that gets light from mid-morning to sundown. it’s next to a window that gets west-southwestern sun. so it gets a LOT of light, which most crotons seem to like. i water it when the top inch or so of soil is dry, and other than mixing in some granular fertilizer into the soil at the beginning of spring, i don’t plan on feeding it again anytime soon.

hi the bottom of my little barrel cactus is tu…

hi the bottom of my little barrel cactus is turning yellow brown? it isnt mushy but i think it might be slightly softer. do you know how i can fix this please?


It doesn’t look to me like anything is wrong. i’m sure it’s just corking — which is a natural process that cacti go through as they age. the oldest part of the cactus (i.e. the bottom) develops a brownish, corky layer… which is basically just the cacti version of a tree trunk. your boy is getting old! be proud of him!!

Help! This is my plant I’ve had for a WHILE an…

Help! This is my plant I’ve had for a WHILE and recently he’s been very, limp looking. I don’t know what to do 😔 he gets direct sun (is that bad?) and I just don’t know what to do 😓😓 please please please help


As long as he’s getting enough water, a little direct sun is fine (just not during midday or from a western exposure).

However, I think this might be a mineral issue. Spider plants are VERY sensitive to the salts and fluoride that can be found in tap water. It causes brown leaves and leaf tips, and can burn the roots. The terra cotta pot it’s in also doesn’t help because the clay soaks up the salt. I would A) repot him into a plastic or glazed ceramic pot and B) water him only with distilled water, rain water, or aquarium water.

Could you pretty please help me I.D. this beau…

Could you pretty please help me I.D. this beautiful plant? I asked someone else and they said it was an Echeveria Domingo, but I’m certain it’s more of a Neon Breaker with muted coloring because it doesn’t get much strong light.


Whaaaat. this looks literally nothing like echeveria ‘domingo’! domingos have very wide, smooth-edged leaves. i agree with you that it’s most likely a neon breakers, or possibly its parent plant, ‘pink ruffles’.


hello! My mom was wondering… her aloe Vera went “flat” as she calls it and it’s tips are turning brown? Any help? I heard your help is good!


It’s hard to say without care details or a photo, but it sounds like there may be root loss due to overwatering, which means (ironically enough) that the plant can no longer take up water. i would unpot it and check the roots, and possibly cut back on water / give it more light.