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erieforage: This is kind of cool. I was makin…


This is kind of cool. I was making a special hexagon garden box. It will be a pole bean teepee garden for the kids. Anyway, I came up with this modular box arrangement almost by accident. It’s really cool. It allows me to build the boxes in my shop, move them up to the garden! And just slide them together. I came up with a bunch of others designs using the same concept spirals snakes etc. I think it will be fun building method to play around with.

PS I will post an update when the teepee is finished and grown in.

motherearthnewsmag: This recycled water bottle…


This recycled water bottle greenhouse  idea is fantastic.



There was no room for my ivy anywhere else?



Rise & Fall” commissioned work for @callmemisterred thanks again Steve for this fun project, glad it arrived to you safely.