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Haworthia tessellata with moss agate in a hand-built pot from Paul Rothstein

What an amazing pot for an equally amazing plant!

😴 they have the summer sleepies

😴 they have the summer sleepies

hey, do you know how to tell it a haworthia is…

hey, do you know how to tell it a haworthia isn't getting enough light? my zebra got a little too much sun and started turning red, so I want to move it to another location but I don't know how to tell if it's getting too little sun now. thanks! btw I love your blog

If your plant isn’t getting enough light, it will start to stretch in the effort to FIND more light. The center leaves may go from dark green to a pale green or yellow.

Honestly tho, if your haworthia gets slightly red, it’s fine. Just watch for signs of true distress — like brown, crunchy tips or shriveled / deflated leaves — and keep it out of harsh afternoon sunlight!

Hello! I was just wondering if you had any tip…

Hello! I was just wondering if you had any tips for caring for a Haworthia Attenuata. This is my first time getting this little guy and he's still just a baby so I don't want to screw it up

haworthias are pretty simple:

they actively grow during spring and fall — at those times you should water deeply until you see water dripping out of the drainage holes, and then don’t water again until the soil is *completely* dry. during high summer (july and august) they are dormant and shouldn’t be watered, and in winter they should be watered rarely, about once per month.

provide gritty, fast-draining soil. lots of pumice or gravel! the most important thing to remember about haworthias is that they like bright light, but not full sunlight. morning sun or afternoons in bright shade are ideal.

Some succulents, like these haworthia and gast…

Some succulents, like these haworthia and gasteria, grow and offset during the autumn and winter – when the temps are cooler and the photoperiod is shorter.

studio window.

studio window.

haworthia monticola var. asema

haworthia monticola var. asema

½ can you identify this plant friend and offer…

½ can you identify this plant friend and offer some winter care advice? I’m very new to succulents and worried i’m not taking care if them proper.


That’s a haworthia attenuata v. radula. I would remove all of the moss from around it, as moss stays wet too long and prolonged moisture is the kiss of death for succulents. Make sure that the pot it’s in has at least one drainage hole – if not, replant it into a different pot (a terra cotta one like you have next to it in this pic will work well). You can even put the pot into that square container just for show if you like.

During the winter, haworthia don’t need very much. Keep them on a cool windowsill in either early morning or bright indirect light, and water only about once per month. Good luck!

Variegated baby.

Variegated baby.