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This is kind of cool. I was making a special hexagon garden box. It will be a pole bean teepee garden for the kids. Anyway, I came up with this modular box arrangement almost by accident. It’s really cool. It allows me to build the boxes in my shop, move them up to the garden! And just slide them together. I came up with a bunch of others designs using the same concept spirals snakes etc. I think it will be fun building method to play around with.

PS I will post an update when the teepee is finished and grown in.

how do you know what zone you're in?

how do you know what zone you're in?

Look up Hardiness Zones! You can find tons of maps that will tell you what zone you’re in. Unfortunately it’s a North American thing – I’m not sure how other countries / continents deal with growing zones. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



😍 Garden Butch ala Jan Angus, I bet those garden goods sure were tasty with a smear of sundried tomato hummus 😛 📷 @nixjstephens (at Ballarat, Victoria)


Last harvest of 2018 🍆🥗🌶

Hello! I was wondering if you could help me wi…

Hello! I was wondering if you could help me with my little garden. I’m currently in the process of experimenting with some garlic. I let 4 cloves grow roots in a cup of water, them transported them into individual cups (I need to buy pots soon) and I can see that they’ve begun sprouting super long roots! But they haven’t sent up a little sprout like I’ve seen in videos. I was wondering if that’s normal? Maybe I’m just being impatient 😅

Hi! Usually if you’re growing garlic indoors they’ll take about 1 – 2 weeks to start growing shoots. If it’s been longer than that, it could be because there’s a requirement not being met:

– Soil! It should be fertile and well-draining – a mix of compost, peat moss and perlite works well. It needs to hold onto some moisture but it shouldn’t stay soggy for too long

– Sun! They should be getting at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. Sit them in front of a window or place them under grow lights

– Water! If they’re getting enough light and their soil is well-draining, then they should be kept lightly moist at all times

– Fertilizer! Not important over the winter, but garlic likes an application of fertilizer monthly during the warm season. Fish emulsion or compost tea is great and organic, but an all-purpose fertilizer from a gardening store will work fine, too


Hey Everyone, I Started a ContainerGardening Group on Pillowfort!

There’s an EdibleGardening group already (they don’t allow spaces in group names), but my edibles didn’t do so hot this year. Also, despite having raised beds I still love my back porch container garden. Come check it out, post your pics of what you’ve grown this year or what you’re still growing now, or just follow it for the pictures. 🙂


Playing in the Dirt is the Best

How to Grow Arnica Montana Growing arnica is…

How to Grow Arnica Montana

Growing arnica is an excellent option for those who love rare and exotic herbs.

It is mostly grown for its medicinal properties but its also great for ornamental purposes due to its lovely yellow flowers that appear in spring and summer.

When growing Arnica as a garden plant, it is best suited for a temperate climate zone, usually a recommended USDA zone of between 4 and 9.

Since the plants prefer higher elevations and temperate climates, warm, coastal climates can sometimes not be ideal for growing them though this is not entirely impossible.

Arnica is usually propagated from seeds, but it can also be grown by a division from the root of an existing plant.

To learn more about growing Arnica Montana CLICK HERE:

🍅The best boys! Reblog for good fortune!🔮

🍅The best boys! Reblog for good fortune!🔮

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Outside floor squad update