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Hey Everyone, I Started a ContainerGardening Group on Pillowfort!

There’s an EdibleGardening group already (they don’t allow spaces in group names), but my edibles didn’t do so hot this year. Also, despite having raised beds I still love my back porch container garden. Come check it out, post your pics of what you’ve grown this year or what you’re still growing now, or just follow it for the pictures. 🙂


Lots more violas. Leaving more room for them to grow in this year after seeing their spread last year.

And That Red One.


Violas! From! Space!

Okay, maybe not, but I certainly caught the lens flare a few times. They were $¾ plants, so I’ve filled up a bunch of the empty planters with their tiny, adorable flowers. Hopefully they won’t get eaten immediately, and I can buy a few more each paycheck until they’re well established.

I did several groupings of three, and the bigger plant in the background of the first two pics is a Sweet Potato Vine.


I’m done waiting for things to establish, I’m posting it now. I returned some piece of junk that we never used to Lowe’s and got cash for it, and went immediately to the garden section. Found these big Coleus and refreshed a couple of planters, and got a *bunch* of violas (pics to come).


Bird Attack: This pepper plant was pruned back a little violently by the wildlife anywhere it dared to poke out of it’s cage. The tomato plant four feet away remains unmolested.


Scarlet Sage flowers coming in again.

Hey there lil fella!

Hey there lil fella!

tereghan: Transplanted that big Snake Plant o…


Transplanted that big Snake Plant outside into a bigger pot, and it’s putting off some new leaves for us!

Whoops, wrong blog! 🙂

The Sun Gold tomato plants, in their new cage….

The Sun Gold tomato plants, in their new cage. These guys are putting out bunches of flowers and lots of little tomatoes, so I should be able to snag a few! Just undersowed some dwarf Marigolds, there’s room at the bottom of the pot.

The caged plants, part of the overall ground s…

The caged plants, part of the overall ground squirrel protection plan. Both of these got eaten back pretty hard this year, but they’re growing back again.

On the left: Sweet Mini Peppers that I sprouted from seeds from a friend.

On the right: Brad’s Atomic Grape tomatoes. The flowering is happening outside the cage again, so we’ll see if I actually get anything off this plant this year, or if they all end up as bird food. :/