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Hello! I've just stumbled across your blo…

Hello! I've just stumbled across your blog and I love it, it's really rekindled my interest in plants! I have a few I've been neglecting due to life stuff, would it be ok to send in some pictures to ask for advice? I also love your etsy, hopefully one day I can buy something from there but living in NZ makes that difficult! Hope you have a lovely holiday period 🙂

Thank you so much!! 😍 As of right now the store is so new i haven’t even BEGUN to contemplate worldwide shipping, but maybe one day. Until then, i can help you with your plants. feel free to send pics!

Hello, I've been a follower for a while a…

Hello, I've been a follower for a while and I love your blog! It's helped a lot with identifying plants and finding new ones to collect! :') I was wondering though, do you know of any good sites or other blogs specifically for ID-ing plants? I would send them here to ask but I simply have too many that I just don't know or can't find anywhere. Wouldn't want to overload your submission with em ^^; thank you!

– GardenWeb forums
– r/succulents (reddit)
– davesgarden’s Plant Identification forum
– FlytrapCare forums
– Gardener’s World forums
– GardenAnswers mobile app
– House Plant Journal (Patreon)

Aaaaand that’s off the top of my head. You can send me the more difficult ones if you’d like. I don’t always have an answer, but my followers always come through! 💕

Hi, so I've always been kind of intereste…

Hi, so I've always been kind of interested in learning about plants. I want to learn about classifying plants, growing them, collecting them, etc. But I don't know where or how to start. Do you have any tips?

Being here is a good start! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek out the advice of others; pretty much everyone I’ve talked to so far on plantblr has been extremely kind and helpful. Also check out the forums at GardenWeb, CactiGuide, and FlytrapCare. (Not sure what plants you’re interested in – but GardenWeb has a section for everything!)

Read. Take notes. Look through blogs, books, magazines, social media posts, anything. Thrift stores often have gardening / horticultural books, and libraries always do.

And of course… go to local places! Gardens, farms, nurseries, greenhouses, plant/flower shops, etc. Not only are you actually observing the plants for yourself, but the people there are actually DOING the horticultural / agricultural thing. Their knowledge is invaluable. See if they do workshops or give seminars!

I see that you have a lot of stones on your pl…

I see that you have a lot of stones on your plants. I just bought my very first succulents and lithops, is it better to put stones on top ? And any tipps to a new Succulent mom?

For the most part, stones on top of succulents and cacti are an aesthetic thing. If you keep your plants indoors, especially if you’re new the game, it’s better not to have any stones because A) it makes it harder to check when you need to water and B) keeps the soil moist for longer.

NOW, if you keep your plants outside, stones on top their soil can be helpful. It slows down evaporation and keeps the soil more insulated, and also prevents your soil from blowing or flooding away.

Also, here is some very helpful advice that you will NEED for your lithops:

Do you have a specific set up for all your suc…

Do you have a specific set up for all your succulents??

Yeah, but it’s mostly just for the cold season when they can’t be outside. I kick as many of them out of the house as I can once it gets warmer out.

– i keep the ones that absolutely need bright light in order not to stretch on two shelves with grow lights / reflective surfaces.

– the ones that aren’t prone to stretching, but like to be warm and soak up some sun, are on shelves in front of a southwestern window.

– the ones that go fully dormant, can handle lower temps, or don’t need bright light are on a shelf in front of a northeastern window in a cool room.

welcome to the 30 and over queerbabe club!!! i…

welcome to the 30 and over queerbabe club!!! i love your blog!!


So the pepperbush necklace came in (a few dats…

So the pepperbush necklace came in (a few dats ago) and my fiancee loved it! Thank you so much!

This makes me super happy! 😄 I’m glad shipping was so quick and that it was a hit with your fiancée! Awesoooooome!

Helloo! Sorry to bother you, but I was wonderi…

Helloo! Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering about my baby succulent plant flowering? It's one of those Hen and Chicks, but it's still really young so it doesn't have any chicks! I'm afraid it'll die if it blooms before it grows any offshoots, and it's too small to try and propagate it through leaves, what should I do?

Oh no! i’m afraid there isn’t anything you CAN do in this instance. hens and chicks can’t be propagated by leaf and since it’s already putting all its energy into blooming, it most likely won’t offshoot. sorry, my dude!😞

Omg u are so adorable 😭😍

Omg u are so adorable 😭😍

Ahhhhhh i blush!! 😳 thank youuuu 😍

Do you ever have problems with your plants and…

Do you ever have problems with your plants and spider webs? I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing wrong, natural, or what. Every time I check in my plants it’s like the spiders came overnight and gifted me. They’re like small Santas.

If it’s a web from a garden-variety or corner-of-the-house-lurking spider, that’s fine. GOOD, in fact. They eat pests that would otherwise harm your plants. They are gracious Santas that should be given aphids and milk.

If the webs are more like a coating on the stems and leaves of your plants, accompanied by small brownish specks and yellowing of leaves, these are spider mites and indicate a problem that needs to be taken care of ASAP. They’re usually found on plants kept in hot and dry conditions. Dust on leaves will also attract them.

In conclusion: it depends of the type of webs you’re finding, whether or not it’s a problem!