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Hello dear, i love all ur plants. They are so …

Hello dear, i love all ur plants. They are so nice. Btw I tried to pm u but it seems that u don't wanna private messages

Thanx! But i only have messages turned on for my mutuals, sorry. 🙂

You should do aquascaping I feel like your tan…

You should do aquascaping I feel like your tanks would be 🔥


Hell YEAH i should. But will i? probably not because it’s intense in terms of maintenance and i AIN’T about THAT life.

Do you have a post with advice on growing herb…

Do you have a post with advice on growing herbs like the ones you have? And if not, would you mind listing some advice you have? I got several recently and they don't seem to be faring well.

I haven’t done an herb advice post yet! So here we go:

• Most herbs like a rich but well-draining soil. Compost mixed with perlite or pumice or a soil mix formulated for growing herbs works well. Exceptions are mediterranean plants like lavender or oregano, that like a poorer, sandy soil. When growing outside I top dress with mulch, which keeps the roots cool and holds moisture.

• Most herbs like to be kept moist, but not soaking wet. Basil and mint like a great deal of water, but again, the mediterranean herbs like lavender, oregano, sage, etc. like to be more on the dry side.

• Most herbs like plenty of sun. If their water needs are being met they can take a few hours of full sun. Some herbs like mint and parsley prefer a little less light, or only early morning sun.

• Most herbs will benefit from some fertilizer during the growing season. Use something formulated for herbs and vegetables, or a natural fertilizer like fish emulsion or compost tea.

• PLANT MINT IN A POT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS DONT LET IT BE FREE. Unless you want the mint to take over your garden, your home, your car, and your wife, keep it contained!!!

• Most herbs will grow stronger and bigger if you keep using them! Pinching off the tips of the plants will make a plant grow more bushy (it forces new growth further down the stem). Harvest away! It’s not damaging but actually helpful.

• Remove any flower buds as they appear. Flowering takes energy away from leaf growth, and makes the plant taste less flavorful. Exceptions of course are herbs like chamomile and lavender, that are grown for their flowers!

** Note that this is a GENERAL guide to herb care. No two herbs are exactly the same and some are more finicky than others! **

Hello! I am debating on whether or not i shoul…

Hello! I am debating on whether or not i should put my plants outside, i live in the Illinois area and I’m not sure if i should put them outside because its very hot and sunny here! Do you have any advice on where i should place them so they dont get stressed out? I have a T5 6400k grow light just in case!

it depends on the type of plants you have, friend! not all plants have the same lighting preferences. succulents love hot and sunny, tropicals like hot and not sunny, some plants like sunny but not hot…

generally tho, any state in the northern half of the country doesn’t count as “too hot” for most plants. as long as you move them outside gradually (first day outside for 1 hour, second day for 2 hours, and so on until they’re outside permanently), and give them enough water to deal with the heat, your plants will be fine.

Do you have any advice for lucky bamboo care? …

Do you have any advice for lucky bamboo care? I’m plantsitting for the summer and the lucky bamboo I’m watching isn’t happy! Her leaves are very light green/yellow and dead on the ends! I have her in distilled water that I change 2x a week, and she’s in indirect light where it doesn’t get too hot or too warm. I’m not sure what I’m missing! I’ve also changed her rocks and cleaned her bowl twice to make sure it wasn’t any nasty chemicals in those

It sounds like you’re doing everything right, but she could probably use a little food! Add a few drops of liquid fertilizer to a gallon of water, and fill her container with that once per month. The best fertilizer for lucky bamboo is organic liquid (people have the best results using old water from fish tanks), like seaweed fertilizer or fish emulsion. Good luck!! 👍🏽

In one of your photos I can see that one of yo…

In one of your photos I can see that one of your bigger succulents have grown tall without producing leaves underneath, mine have done the same! I was wondering if you just let them do their thing or if it's bad? Mine are thriving but not growing leaves. Love your blog 😃

succulents can’t grow leaves from the bottom! all new growth occurs at the top, or from the center of a rosette. it’s normal for them to shed their bottom leaves — they’re old and the plant no longer needs them.

most succulents in the wild (this is especially true of echeveria, graptopetalum, and a few other rosette-type succulents) end up having a very long, bare stem with a nice, fat rosette at the very end.

it’s totally natural, but in cultivation people will usually cut the stem under the rosette when it gets too tall for their liking and re-root it for a more compact plant. it’s a preference thing.

Hi! Do you know if it would be possible to wat…

Hi! Do you know if it would be possible to water propagate an aloe barbadensis? If so, how? Thanx!!

It’s possible, but you’re going to need an offset / plant with stem attached. Remove some lower leaves so you have a nice piece of bare stem and clean away any dirt. You can put the prop in a container filled with water to just under the stem, or you can submerge a small amount of the stem. I’ve done both and either will work.

Use distilled, rain water, or aquarium water if possible. If not, tap water will do fine. Change it every week or so, or whenever you notice the water or glass getting nasty. Rooting can take anywhere from a few days to a few months. It’s by no means an exact science.

I’ve had my croton for 3 months and all …

I’ve had my croton for 3 months and all its leaves are starting to fall off, how do you care for yours?

Garden crotons are one of those really fussy plants that don’t like to be moved around. usually that’s what causes leaf loss, but any sudden change to their care can cause them to shed.

I have my croton in a sunroom that gets light from mid-morning to sundown. it’s next to a window that gets west-southwestern sun. so it gets a LOT of light, which most crotons seem to like. i water it when the top inch or so of soil is dry, and other than mixing in some granular fertilizer into the soil at the beginning of spring, i don’t plan on feeding it again anytime soon.

I love ur username

I love ur username


hello i just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR USERNAM…

hello i just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR USERNAME