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hey! do you know anything about stone plants/ …

hey! do you know anything about stone plants/ Lithops? i recently got some and i had to transplant them and i don't know if they're dying or if i watered them too much and i'm not sure if they should be squishy? help please!!

By ‘squishy’ do you mean the plant looks wrinkled, or is it soft and/or mushy? Lithops are very temperamental when it comes to water — even one wrong watering can be the kiss of death. If they’re just wrinkled on the surface then that’s fine, but a soft or mushy plant is guaranteed toast.

Here is a general lithops care guide I’ve written up:

hi there! my pachyveria hybrid's bottom l…

hi there! my pachyveria hybrid's bottom leaves have rapidly been turning yellow and shriveling up! i checked the soil and it was still wet even though it had been a week since id watered it and felt very compact, so i took nearly all of the soil off of the roots and freshly repotted it, then watered thoroughly. was this the right thing to do? is there anything else i can do to ensure its survival?

Oh, honey… you did all the right things UNTIL you watered it. Succulents that have been repotted need time to heal their roots and adjust to their new home. You should NEVER water during this time, or you risk them rotting or becoming diseased. For a week or two they should remain totally dry. I hate to tell you this, but you should unpot that plant and let it dry out in open air for a couple of days, and then repot into some dry soil.

I suspect that overwatering was a big factor in why the bottom leaves were yellowing in the first place. During the growing season, succulents need to be watered deeply, until water drips out of the drainage holes of their pot, and shouldn’t be watered again until their soil is completely and utterly dry. Going by time doesn’t really work — what’s best is sticking a finger into the soil to see if it’s still damp. Good luck!!

Hello! I adore your blog, it's by far one…

Hello! I adore your blog, it's by far one of if not my favorite succulent blog. Partially because of the pun url, but that's beside the point. Anyways! I was wondering if you could give any advice on water propagation? I've seen you talk about it before but only a little. I keep trying to do it, but every time I try to follow along with what people say online, the stem always ends up turning black.

Puns are NEVER besides the point they give me life and air !!

As for succulent water props — treat your cutting like any other cutting at first. Dip the cut ends into some cinnamon powder to help keep away any fungal infections. Let it dry out and callous over for a few days in a place without any moisture and only indirect light.

After that, place the cutting in a container of water. Leave about an inch of air between the cutting and the water. The evaporation will provide enough moisture to start root growth. To help keep the moisture inside the container, I’ve found that stretching a piece of plastic over the top and making a small hole just big enough to stick the end of the cutting into works wonders.

Replace the water whenever it starts to get murky or if any algae starts growing, about every week or two. Eventually the roots will grow long enough to be submerged, which is fine as long as the stem stays above water. You can transfer the cutting to soil when the roots are about three inches long.

Happy propagating!

The stuff in your shop is super cute! (not tha…

The stuff in your shop is super cute! (not that I can afford it because I’m broke as hell 😅)

Thank you, friend! 😀
I appreciate you stopping by to tell me you like my stuff! <3

hi!! i just saved two spider plant babies from…

hi!! i just saved two spider plant babies from an extremely overwatered mother plant (her soil was completely soaked, her leaves were drenched, and her water saucer was completely full!! her leaves were all very limp and yellowing because of this) what do you think the best course of action would be to make sure they survive and can root? i put them in some damp well-draining soil and indirect sunlight indoors, is there anything else i can do to ensure their survival?

What you’re doing sounds fine! Spiderettes root pretty easily. Keep the soil lightly moist, not saturated, and they should develop roots in a few days to a couple weeks. Water only with distilled or rain water, as spider plants are very sensitive to the salts and minerals found in most tap water.

I have a pothos and i was wondering if you kno…

I have a pothos and i was wondering if you know some tips on keeping gnats away? And how do I know how much water til he’s got plenty, and how do you know if the drainage is good?!

A good way to prevent gnats is to water from the bottom! Gnats are drawn to moist soil, but watering from the bottom keeps the top fairly dry while the the roots still soak up the water they need. You can tell the drainage is good if water soaks into the soil quickly and easily, and flows out of all the drainage holes. There should be about 20% perlite or other gritty medium mixed into the soil.

To check if a plant needs water, stick a finger into the top of the soil. If it’s dry two inches down or more, it’s watering time! Fill a container with a few inches of water and sit your plant inside it. Leave it in for about 10 minutes. Check the soil with your finger again. If it’s moist, you’re done. If it’s still dry, leave it in a few more minutes. Don’t leave it in more than ½ an hour. Once a month, flush the soil with water from the top to get rid of excess salt and minerals.

Does it ever get stressful answering everyone&…

Does it ever get stressful answering everyone's plant problems?

Most of the time, no.

It only gets frustrating when I get questions that I’ve answered multiple times or answered maybe a day or two before. OR when someone asks what kind of plant is in a post and it’s like … really dude? It’s ALL there in the tags, common names, latin names, etc. JUST READ THE TAGS YOU LOVABLE BUT LAZY WALNUTS.

I should probably just start linking people to stuff, but… I guess I’m too nice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Glad your thing with the cute girl went well b…

Glad your thing with the cute girl went well but are the tomato plants okay??? This is the update we deserve

Asking the important questions…. i like that in an anon.
The tomato plants are doing great. they’re all about six feet tall, their fruits have graced many a sandwich / salad and made appearances in a few apps and sauces! all of the nightshades have been having a great year, actually. they thank you for your concern, friendo!

im glad your date went well! you deserve good …

im glad your date went well! you deserve good things

This is literally the sweetest message i have ever received 😍
thank you kind friend that means a lot!!