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Hello, I love you blog! Do you have any method…

Hello, I love you blog! Do you have any methods of getting rid of gnats? I’ve tried many ways but they keep coming back.

A good way to prevent gnats is to water from the bottom! Gnats are drawn to moist soil, but watering from the bottom keeps the top fairly dry while the the roots still soak up the water they need.

For adult gnats, sticky tape is good. BEST is getting yourself a sundew with lots of sticky leaves – I haven’t had a gnat problem since!

You have to kill off the gnat larvae, too! You can mix a bit of diatomaceous earth into the soil, which will basically shred all of the larvae. You can also try drenching the soil with 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 4 parts water, which will hopefully kill a lot of them on contact. Another method is laying raw potato slices on top of the soil. Gnat larvae are drawn to them for whatever reason. Leave them for a few hours or up to two days, and then lift them up to check – they should be full of larvae. Discard the slices.

Hello! I have a quick question about my succul…

Hello! I have a quick question about my succulent, you see I wanted to try water therapy for my echeveria and I guess I didn't do it right because it just turned dark blue on the edges of the leaves and it's shriveling. I'm pretty sure she's a goner but could you tell me what I did wrong and what happened so I can avoid this in the future? Thank you for your help!

Lol i have no way of knowing what you did wrong, friendo!

Did you wait a few days for the ends of your plant’s stem to callous over?

Was the plant sick or injured to begin with? Sometimes even if they look okay after you cut away the diseased parts, they might be too unhealthy to recover.

Did you change the water every few days / make sure the container was clean?

Did you submerge the plant or stem? This can sometimes lead to rot, it’s best to suspend the stem OVER the water.

Are just the bottom leaves shriveling? This is normal, the plant absorbs energy from the lower leaves to put into root growth.

Hope this helps! 👍🏽

Are jade plants succulents? I usually water mi…

Are jade plants succulents? I usually water mine once every 3/4 days or whenever I remember, is this correct? I want to make sure that he flourishes

Yep, jade plants are part of the Crassula genus of succulents! Some basic care:

– bright, direct sun
- a gritty mix of soil consisting of about 40% perlite, gravel, or pumice
- water thoroughly only when the soil is completely dry. in winter try to cut back watering to about every three weeks, or only when you see signs of dehydration (thinner, wrinkled leaves)
- if you want, you can use a dilute fertilizer (about ½ strength) once a month from spring though summer
- pinch the growing tips (the newest pairs of leaves) to encourage fuller growth

I wrote you about Root Rot awhile back. Good n…

I wrote you about Root Rot awhile back. Good news! I think I turned it around by re potting my eschevaria with sandier soil and increasing the exposure to sun. I’m no longer losing leaves and the color of the plant is much darker and healthier.

That’s what I love to hear!! Give your plant a (gentle) high five! 🖐🏽

I love jack he’s so fluffy and wise, tel…

I love jack he’s so fluffy and wise, tell him I appreciate him sharing his wisdom

WOW sorry I was having problems with my inbox loading messages

jack is indeed very fluffy and supremely wise. he says thank you and hopes to talk to y’all again soon 🐾💕

my lithops are really tall! they've been …

my lithops are really tall! they've been that way since i first got them and i've tried to put them in the sun, but they keep getting longer. is there anything i can do to help them? is it alright that they're tall or should i be more concerned? thank you in advance!

There’s not much you can do for existing lithops leaves. They won’t fix etiolated growth even if you put them in the sun.

The only thing you CAN do is keep them in a spot with a few hours of direct sunlight and wait until the next season. If they get enough light, their new leaf pair will be more compact.

Hi i have a venus flytrap and an american pitc…

Hi i have a venus flytrap and an american pitcher plant and I saw that you're supposed to make them go dormant for the winter. I was thinking about putting them in my garage with a grow light, but when should I winter them. (Im in zone 6)

You should bring them inside before the temperatures drop below freezing!

Hello! I was wondering if you could help me wi…

Hello! I was wondering if you could help me with my little garden. I’m currently in the process of experimenting with some garlic. I let 4 cloves grow roots in a cup of water, them transported them into individual cups (I need to buy pots soon) and I can see that they’ve begun sprouting super long roots! But they haven’t sent up a little sprout like I’ve seen in videos. I was wondering if that’s normal? Maybe I’m just being impatient 😅

Hi! Usually if you’re growing garlic indoors they’ll take about 1 – 2 weeks to start growing shoots. If it’s been longer than that, it could be because there’s a requirement not being met:

– Soil! It should be fertile and well-draining – a mix of compost, peat moss and perlite works well. It needs to hold onto some moisture but it shouldn’t stay soggy for too long

– Sun! They should be getting at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. Sit them in front of a window or place them under grow lights

– Water! If they’re getting enough light and their soil is well-draining, then they should be kept lightly moist at all times

– Fertilizer! Not important over the winter, but garlic likes an application of fertilizer monthly during the warm season. Fish emulsion or compost tea is great and organic, but an all-purpose fertilizer from a gardening store will work fine, too

Hi, I really love your blog and was wondering …

Hi, I really love your blog and was wondering if you had any advice on how to get rid of soil bugs?

Thank you!

It really depends on the type of bugs? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all method for getting rid of plant pests. Some can be taken care of with potato skins and fly tape (fungus gnats), others are better taken care of with horticultural oils (thrips). A few, like soil mealybugs, need the big guns of systemic insecticides. If you have a picture of the pests or know the type of bug you’re dealing with, I can give more specific advice.

For the plant ask thingy… 61, 86,78 🌿

For the plant ask thingy… 61, 86,78 🌿

61. If you were a plant, what species would you be?

Jack: Giant sunflower: black and yellowish, big, full of joy

Me: Sarracenia purpurea: small, badass, drinks a lot of water

78. Where do you get your plant knowledge from?

Jack: A lifetime of rolling in the grass and smelling the flowers

Me: Observation/experience, asking lots of questions, reading a lot of stuff

86. Do you own any plant themed items? (stationary, shirts, pillows…)

Jack: Has a bandana with pumpkins and leaves on it

Me: I have too many