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Operation Replant and Rebuild: Meet the Digipl…

Operation Replant and Rebuild: Meet the Digiplexis hybrid to take the place of the eaten Dahlias. Cousin to a similar looking plant, the Foxglove. From my reading online, the squirrels should know to stay away. And if they don’t, well, either way the problem will be solved eventually, and I win.

And they are such *pretty* flowers. We are approximately zone 8, hopefully this will pernennialize and we can have it for a few years.

Painted Tongue flowers (Salpiglossis), from th…

Painted Tongue flowers (Salpiglossis), from the two plants that got big enough to flower this year. The white is pretty, but that pink is *gorgeous* in person.

Operation Replant and Rebuild, Part 1 Objecti…

Operation Replant and Rebuild, Part 1

Objective: To get rid of the poor, torn up pepper plants and throw some flowers down in their place to brighten up the back porch.

Yarrow (to hopefully attract more pollinators), dahlias, and a 6 pack of Celosia, which will likely need to be transplanted if they live long enough to grow bigger. Fingers crossed we run across that problem in a few weeks!

I transplanted the Feverfew into the dirt beca…

I transplanted the Feverfew into the dirt because they had outgrown their spot in the raised bed, and protected them with gopher cages. The rodents were *pissed.* 🤣

These are in full flower now, and while we’ve had a lot of burrowing activity, I’m happy to report both plants are still standing.


Hello From the Void

We’ve had a bit of a rough year over here at tggardens, about half of what I’ve raised from seed and transplanted outside has been eaten by some sort of bird or squirrel. :/ Between that and going back to volunteering at a Renaissance Faire for several weekends I haven’t really been doing the best at defending my crops, and it’s been a bit disappointing. We have plans to erect physical barriers to block the wildlife, but that is going to take both time and money that need to go elsewhere for the next couple of weeks. This blog is not dead, and I will work on getting some pictures up in the next few days of what hasn’t been eaten yet, but the big kicker was that those gorgeous cucumber vines were eaten down to the nub *the next day after I planted them and took the pictures.* Disappointing.

On the other hand, this has primarily been a place for pictures of plants, and I doubt anyone is “getting attached” to the plants in the same way I am. We have a relatively mild climate for our area despite a weird year (which seems to be hitting everyone across the US, and probably the rest of the world as well). It might be July, but there’s plenty of time to start seeds going into autumn. Half the point of gardening is trying again when things don’t quite go our way. And half the reason I garden is to bring birds and other wildlife into the yard so we can look at them, so I can’t really begrudge them the nibbles they’ve been taking.

Anywho, we will begin again. And again. And again. Wish us luck!

chintzmann:Very proud to present this little p…


Very proud to present this little piece I’ve been working on for my pattern portfolio. Hope you guys like it :)!

I had to share this because Nasturtiums!







im eatinge a voliot

a violt

a vïolotte

im ate this man he was exquisitely flavored if inscrutably named

That’s a pansy you absolute madman

Well, are we sure it’s not a viola? 😆

Transplants: a second Armenian Cucumber, a Nat…

Transplants: a second Armenian Cucumber, a National Pickling Cucumber, and a Yellow Pear Tomato.

(Pardon some mess, we’re repurposing the fence that we knocked down to have light for the second raised bed.)

Armenian Cucumber, planted this morning. And…

Armenian Cucumber, planted this morning.

And in the background, the birds have completely de-flowered the red yarrow plant I’d gotten to help attract pollinators. You see, here at tggardens we value the local bird population and we feed them well, however unintentionally.

Stay tuned for more updates on Friday, lots of organization and transplanting to be done!

Trying my hand at some “design.” B…

Trying my hand at some “design.” Both baskets are petunias and calibrochas, fingers crossed that I can keep these going until fall!