Hello, I love you blog! Do you have any method…

Hello, I love you blog! Do you have any methods of getting rid of gnats? I’ve tried many ways but they keep coming back.

A good way to prevent gnats is to water from the bottom! Gnats are drawn to moist soil, but watering from the bottom keeps the top fairly dry while the the roots still soak up the water they need.

For adult gnats, sticky tape is good. BEST is getting yourself a sundew with lots of sticky leaves – I haven’t had a gnat problem since!

You have to kill off the gnat larvae, too! You can mix a bit of diatomaceous earth into the soil, which will basically shred all of the larvae. You can also try drenching the soil with 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 4 parts water, which will hopefully kill a lot of them on contact. Another method is laying raw potato slices on top of the soil. Gnat larvae are drawn to them for whatever reason. Leave them for a few hours or up to two days, and then lift them up to check – they should be full of larvae. Discard the slices.