Hello! I have a quick question about my succul…

Hello! I have a quick question about my succulent, you see I wanted to try water therapy for my echeveria and I guess I didn't do it right because it just turned dark blue on the edges of the leaves and it's shriveling. I'm pretty sure she's a goner but could you tell me what I did wrong and what happened so I can avoid this in the future? Thank you for your help!

Lol i have no way of knowing what you did wrong, friendo!

Did you wait a few days for the ends of your plant’s stem to callous over?

Was the plant sick or injured to begin with? Sometimes even if they look okay after you cut away the diseased parts, they might be too unhealthy to recover.

Did you change the water every few days / make sure the container was clean?

Did you submerge the plant or stem? This can sometimes lead to rot, it’s best to suspend the stem OVER the water.

Are just the bottom leaves shriveling? This is normal, the plant absorbs energy from the lower leaves to put into root growth.

Hope this helps! 👍🏽