Hi! I got this teeny tiny little cactus from L…

Hi! I got this teeny tiny little cactus from Lowe’s, and the label says it’s a prickly pear “snow”, but I haven’t been able to find very much info online about the specific variety. I was wondering if I should repot her, and if so what size container would be best? Thanks so much! ❤❤❤


Hmm. It’s possible that she’s a cultivar or hybrid of opuntia engelmannii or opuntia polyacantha. Both are from the southwest and not frost-hardy, so I’d say typical desert cactus care applies!

If there’s nothing wrong with her or her soil, I wouldn’t repot her at this time. Autumn is in full-swing and cacti are going into dormancy. It’s best to leave them in a cold but not freezing spot and give them as little water as possible. They’ll sleep until spring – which is THE best time to repot. When you pick out a new container, the new size should be about two inches bigger in diameter than the current one. This leaves room for growth but won’t have too much empty soil. Good luck!!