The Amazing Artichoke – Uses and Benefits Th…

The Amazing Artichoke – Uses and Benefits

The artichoke plant as it is known today is a cultivated form that probably derived from the artichoke thistle or the cardoon (Cynara cardunculus).

The Ancient Romans and Greeks knew the plant and cultivated it as a food crop in southern parts of Europe for centuries. It is believed that both the cardoon and the artichoke originated in Morocco or the Canary Islands.

Today, it’s an important vegetable and is grown on a large scale in many areas of the world with temperate or subtropical climate, particularly in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and California in the United States

The herb is often used internally as a tea or in tablet or capsule form to treat liver and gallbladder diseases such as liver damage, cirrhosis, hepatitis, and jaundice.

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