pierrebellec: @los-plantalones i realized lik…


@los-plantalones i realized like really belatedly that the photo i submitted last night (?) about my rescued echerivia was really bad, so i got some better ones today. 

Soil was very dry and compacted, most of the roots crumbled with the soil. Stem looks pretty alright, no obvious signs of rot (to my inexperienced eye at least). a lot of the leaves are very limp and wrinkled, which I’m guessing is from overwatering?

anything else you notice about plant, or tips on getting it back in shape? 


I don’t think it has rot at all, but it IS incredibly dehydrated and suffering from some serious lack of light.

The limp, wrinkled leaves are signs of thirst. Notice how it starts at the bottom – succulents will consume the moisture from their lower leaves first. What probably happened is the soil compaction blocked the roots from soaking up water, so they dried up. Without roots the plant had no way of taking up water, so it started to essentially drink itself. Also why it sent out roots along the stem… they’re looking for water in the air!

Best thing you could do is trim away any dead or crumbled roots, and repot it in some gritty soil with a lot of perlite or pumice. Let it sit for a few days as it gets used to its new home, and then start to water it as normal.