Hi, thank you for your previous response to my…

Hi, thank you for your previous response to my question on my mum’s dracaena. I have now a problem with my little fittonia, her leaves are turning yellow on the edges. I bought it three weeks ago and repotted it the same day into a terracotta pot. I have watered it only when the soil was dry and always kept a high level of humidity. Maybe some sort of nutrient deficiencies? Thank you


I should warn you that fittonias come to me to die! 😅 The yellow could be from water stress – terracotta might not be the best choice because it wicks water out of the soil. For a plant that likes to stay lightly moist you’re better off with plastic or glazed ceramic pots.

It could also be a nutrient deficiency, for sure. You shouldn’t fertilize plants with any water soluble fertilizers for a month or two after repotting, but it would be okay to mix an all-purpose granular fertilizer into the top inch or two of soil.