Hey I love ur blog it's fantastic! Do u h…

Hey I love ur blog it's fantastic! Do u have any tips for getting rid of that ugly glue that comes with those fake flowers they put on cacti?

Thanks! 💕

It’s best to apply heat to soften the glue! This can be done in a few different ways:

a) run very warm (but not hot!) water over the spot with glue, which will soften it and loosen its hold on the plant. you can then try to gently pull it off. this doesn’t work well with cacti that are fuzzy / have densely-packed spines.

b) use a clean, heated blade to try to lift the flower/glue away. you may lose a few spines in the process but the wounds will heal, and eventually new growth will take over

c) go the natural route and let the sun do the work for you! eventually the glue will soften on its own with the heat from the sun and flower/glue will fall off on it own

** You can also use a small scissor to cut the flower/glue off the cactus if it’s only attached to the spines and not the plant itself