Hi there! I love your blog, you're so swe…

Hi there! I love your blog, you're so sweet! I have a quick question, how much should you water succulents in general? I've been careful not to over water since mine are in a temporary pot with no drainage, but they're really dehydrated rn. I'm afraid one of them is already too far gone :C

Aww, thank you!

The general rule of thumb is to only water succulents when they’re dry. During the summer you should water them deeply until water pours out of their drainage holes, and not water again until their soil is totally dry. During the winter you shouldn’t water cacti at all, and only water other succulents when their soil is completely dry AND they show visible signs of thirst (thin or wrinkled leaves).

HOWEVER if they’re in a pot with no drainage none of this advice applies. You should only moisten the top inch or so of soil, and not water until it dries out again. It’s not great for them, but it’s the only way to keep them hydrated with the least risk of rot. Bottom line: get them boys into a pot with drainage asap!!