I got this bear’s paw at a walmart of all plac…

I got this bear’s paw at a walmart of all places (on sale, no less) and repotted in peat moss with a 1" drainage layer of pebbles and watered yesterday. Did some more research and realized i probably watered too much , so i added more perlite, a bit of sand, and a few small rocks. Got any tips for keeping it healthy and happy?


Jack’s recommendation: Put it in a container that has at LEAST one drainage hole. Succulents drown super easily, and cannot be effectively watered without proper drainage. That layer of gravel? Useless. It’s just going to hold stagnant water and become a cesspool of algae and yuckies.

My recommendation: is to ditch the peat moss if at all possible. Peat has a tendency to compact over time and can cut off the ability of the roots to soak up water. If you have access to compost, topsoil, or bark fines instead that would improve the soil IMMENSELY. But if not… add even more perlite and small rocks to help break up the peat.