Hey there! I saw you were doing a plant sale a…

Hey there! I saw you were doing a plant sale and I was wondering if you had tips on how to pack and ship plants! I figure it would be a helpful skill in that it would let me do sales and trades outside of just my city, but shipping has always seemed so daunting for me. @_@

I have no idea how I’m going to pack the plants. I’ve only shipped like two live plants ever in my life. i’m most likely going to use etsy so they can calculate shipping for me, which is probably lazy and not the best option but for now i guess it will work?

i think i’m going to ship the plants bare root to cut down on the weight of the packages, and because i don’t have the space to keep a bunch of extra pots / the money to spend on quality potting mix for all shipments and i refuse to pot anything in a substandard mix.

sorry that this wasn’t helpful AT ALL. ;-;