Can you help me figure out whats up with this …

Can you help me figure out whats up with this little guy? I was just about to move him from this glass container he was given to me in, and I noticed these spots and that some of his bumps are crumbling inwards… do you have any idea about what’s wrong and how I can help him?


The bumps are called oedema, which occurs when a plant (cacti and succulents especially) is given more water than the roots can possibly soak up. The water builds up in the cells until they burst, and what’s left behind are these little brown scars.

The best thing you could do for him is remove him from the glass container, which I’m guessing doesn’t have drainage. Let him dry out in open air, out of direct sunlight for a week or two, and repot him in a mix with a LOT more grit. Cactus mix should have at least 60% grit – it can be perlite, pumice, turface, lava rock, etc. Also make sure his new pot has at least one drainage hole!