Plantblr Number Game


@plantaffinity and I made a gardening themed number/ask game! A few questions are inspired by a list posted in the Swedish Facebook group Krukväxtgäris. Enjoy!

1. Your first

2. A
plant you always kill?

3. Your
favourite planter?

4. A
plant you own that looks special?

5. A
plant you share an interesting story with?

6. A
plant you grew from seed/cutting?

7. A
plant you like but doesn’t like you?

8. A
plant that gets special treatment?

9. A
plant you received as a gift?

10. Your best plant care advice?

11. A plant that you want?

12. Your favourite plant?

13. The least favourite plant you own?

14. A nostalgic plant

15. Your newest plant?

16. Your oldest plant?

17. When did you get into gardening?

18. When did you start your plantblr?

19. Why did you make your plantblr?

20. Which garden tools do you use?

21. Favourite plant related activity?

22. Least favourite plant related activity?

23. What are some of your favourite plantblrs?

24. Why did you start gardening?

25. How much time do you spend daily on your

26. What plant related achievement are you
most proud of?

27. A recent plant disaster?

28. Do you own tropical plants?

29. Do you own succulents and/or cacti?

30. Do you have a garden?

31. Do you keep a gardening bullet journal?

32. Do you spend lots of money on plants?

33. Do you have your own vegetable garden?

34. Where do you buy your plants/seeds?

35. Are you vegetarian/ vegan?

36. Do you own air plants?

37. Do you own a hanging plant?

38. Your plant that’s the easiest to care

39. Have you ever tried propagating plants?

40. A plant you like giving as a gift?

41. (How)
do you care for the environment?

42. A plant your propagate a lot?

43. What plant do you think is overrated?

44. Favourite kind of tree?

45. Favourite cactus?

46. Favourite plant growing in the wild?

47. Do you pick wildflowers?

48. Do you pick mushrooms?

49. Favourite colour roses?

50. Favourite kinds of flowers to put in a

51. Do you own aquatic plants?

52. Do you own carnivorous plants?

53. Favourite flower?

54. Have you ever encountered a plant infestation?

55. Are you subscribed to a gardening
youtube channel?

56. Are you member of a plant group on Facebook?

57. Favourite plant you do not own?

58. Favourite hybrid?

59. Favourite echeveria?

60. Do you have a composter?

61. If you were a plant, what species would you

62. Have you ever harvested your own seeds?

63. Biggest plant you own?

64. Favourite roots?

65. Which plant loves you the most?

66. In what kind of climate do you live?

67. Smallest plant you own?

68. Most forgiving plant you own?

69. Favourite season?

70. How many plants do you have?

71. How many fruits does your … plant grow?

72. How many plants do you want to own?

73. Can you have too many plants?

74. what does your watering schedule look

75. Have you recently made a meal with your
self grown plants/vegetables?

76. How does your plant set up look like/
plant tour?

77. What type of water do you use?
(rainwater, tap water, distilled water…)

78. Where do you get your plant knowledge

79. Have you ever read a book about plants?

80. Favourite common plant name?

81. Do you know the scientific names of your

82. Do you give your plants names?

83. Have you ever made a macramé plant

84. Who cares for your plants when you’re on

85. Do you visit botanical gardens?

86. Do you own any plant themed items?
(stationary, shirts, pillows…)

87. Do you visit the forest often?

88. Have you ever ordered seeds/plants/cuttings

89. What’s one thing that irritates you
about the plant community?

90. What do you like about the plant

91. Favourite leaf shape?

92. Favourite fruit and vegetable?

93. Do you prefer green or brightly coloured

94. Favourite leaf texture?

95. Do you own any variegated plants?

96. Have you ever tried water propagation?

97. Do you have a birdhouse/bird feeder in
your garden?

98. Do you have an insect hotel in your

99. Favourite shrub?

100. Do you have a greenhouse?