Hi! I’m worried about my two crassula plants a…

Hi! I’m worried about my two crassula plants and was wondering if you could help, on both plants the leaves are wrinkled and have been dropping at an alarming rate, the dropped leaves seem to be weirdly crystallized too and I’m not sure if it’s normal? They used to be super vibrant and green so I’m not sure what’s wrong and I don’t want them to die!


Those jades are SEVERELY dehydrated, and possibly suffering from heat stress. Are you watering on the regular as soon as the soil dries out? If you are and this is still happening, the soil may be compacted which prevents the roots from taking up water. In that case you need fresh soil with a lot more perlite or pumice.

Jades like it between 70-80 degrees F in the summertime. Anything hotter, and you need to make sure they’re getting enough water and keep them out of the afternoon sun.