Powdery mildew on (pretty large & old) jad…

Powdery mildew on (pretty large & old) jade plant: is it curable without cutting most of the plant? The visibly affected leaves are quite evenly distributed, so I'm assuming it's a lot more widespread than currently obvious… :/ /my plants have always been disease-free so far and I feel like a parent when their child has the first runny nose – death is clearly imminent… Also: SECONDED ON THE CUTE 😛

Unfortunately it’s probably the best course of action to cut the plant back. =( In my experience jades don’t do well with organic fungal treatments like horticultural oil or baking soda, and if you buy a quality fungicide you’re going to be spending some cash.

Don’t despair, tho — I cut back my jade this past winter due to powdery mildew (not enough drainage, too little light!). It was sad because it had a nice tree shape going on, but the thing about plants is… they grow back!! I took a bunch of cuttings from the healthy parts of the plant, and repotted them in new, faster-draining soil. I now keep the pot right in front of the window in a room with the fan always going. And they bounced back FAST and look better than ever!

Also: thank you so much! you guys make me squeak and throw my phone across the room with your compliments 😊