Do you have any tips for keeping succulents ou…

Do you have any tips for keeping succulents outside? Im afraid of giving them too much sun or having them getting beaten up by rain. I also want to try to keep bugs like centipedes and potato bugs out of the soil because I need to bring them in every winter ;w;

I think growing media is the most important thing to consider when keeping succulents outside. What kind of climate you live in will dictate what kind of media would be best for keeping your succulents happy. If you get a lot of rain, you need media that’s mostly grit so it dries out FAST. If you live in a drier, more desert-like clime, your media needs to have more organic content to soak up water.

If you’re really worried about damage from rain and sun, you could put them under an overhang or porch, or set up a shade cloth over them. As long as you introduce them to the outdoors gradually over a period of several days, they should do fine with the sun. Unless it rains for long stretches of time, with the proper media as mentioned above that shouldn’t be a problem, either.

As for bugs… you have to inspect and treat your plants before you bring them in. Remove all dead leaves and stems, and clean up any debris that may be on top of the soil. Try to manually remove any bugs that you can spot first. Then, you can use a gentle setting on a hose to wash the foliage of any bugs that may be sticking to the leaves. Apply horticultural oil if you want to be extra-safe. For soil-dwelling bugs, you can either apply an insecticide, or for a more organic treatment, submerge the pots (with the plants still in them) in a gallon or two of water mixed with a couple drops of dish soap for a few minutes.