Hello! I was browsing the cactus help tag when…

Hello! I was browsing the cactus help tag when I saw you helping others out with their cactuses! I was hoping you could help me too.

I have had the tall prickly child on the right there for about 10 years. I grew it from a seed and once a year I repot it. I did the annual repotting about a 2 weeks ago, and I noticed my prickly child is cracking at the base and it is changing colors! Luckily the base isnt mushy. It also had a very bulbous top before, which has since deflated.

I hope I haven’t killed it with the repotting this year! I’m so worried about it! Any advice or help would be so greatly APPRECIEATED! Thank you so much!!


This is a very common question which I’m happy to report has a positive answer! The cracking and browning at the base is called “corking”. It happens when a cactus starts to get old. It’s not pretty, but a badge of honor that you kept your child alive this long!

The slightly deflated top could just be due to stress from repotting. It looks very healthy so I don’t think there’s cause to worry – it should bounce back when you begin watering again.