hey! im wondering if you could help me with th…

hey! im wondering if you could help me with this? i repotted my cactus a couple weeks ago and just a few days ago i noticed that the left side has become mushy, especially the tip and bottom. the right side doesnt seem affected at all. is there any way i can save this lil guy? i dont know kind of cactus it is unfortunately. thanks!


I’m not certain, but your cactus might not be recovering from the stress of being repotted. The left side is dark, which usually means rot. Normally cacti and succulents bounce back from repotting in a couple weeks, and during the growing season usually even less.

It could be because the plant was unhappy to begin with (it’s VERY etiolated from lack of light) and from looking at the soil, is most likely not getting adequate drainage. Those two things are the Cacti Kiss of Death. I would cut the left side away, and try to save the right. In the future, add a lot more perlite or pumice to your cacti soil and give it A LOT more light.