Do you have a post with advice on growing herb…

Do you have a post with advice on growing herbs like the ones you have? And if not, would you mind listing some advice you have? I got several recently and they don't seem to be faring well.

I haven’t done an herb advice post yet! So here we go:

• Most herbs like a rich but well-draining soil. Compost mixed with perlite or pumice or a soil mix formulated for growing herbs works well. Exceptions are mediterranean plants like lavender or oregano, that like a poorer, sandy soil. When growing outside I top dress with mulch, which keeps the roots cool and holds moisture.

• Most herbs like to be kept moist, but not soaking wet. Basil and mint like a great deal of water, but again, the mediterranean herbs like lavender, oregano, sage, etc. like to be more on the dry side.

• Most herbs like plenty of sun. If their water needs are being met they can take a few hours of full sun. Some herbs like mint and parsley prefer a little less light, or only early morning sun.

• Most herbs will benefit from some fertilizer during the growing season. Use something formulated for herbs and vegetables, or a natural fertilizer like fish emulsion or compost tea.

• PLANT MINT IN A POT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS DONT LET IT BE FREE. Unless you want the mint to take over your garden, your home, your car, and your wife, keep it contained!!!

• Most herbs will grow stronger and bigger if you keep using them! Pinching off the tips of the plants will make a plant grow more bushy (it forces new growth further down the stem). Harvest away! It’s not damaging but actually helpful.

• Remove any flower buds as they appear. Flowering takes energy away from leaf growth, and makes the plant taste less flavorful. Exceptions of course are herbs like chamomile and lavender, that are grown for their flowers!

** Note that this is a GENERAL guide to herb care. No two herbs are exactly the same and some are more finicky than others! **