Hello! :) I was wondering if you could help? (…

Hello! 🙂 I was wondering if you could help? (Also I don’t usually post on tumblr so sorry if this isn’t the way to do it!)
The Echevaria on the left keeps getting little brown/white spots all over it (for 1yr+, I took t from the mother plant), and the purple echevaria on the right has only recently started to look a little sad 🙁 do you have any idea what’s going on? <3


It looks like a few different things are going on here. The spots on the left one are most likely from overwatering – the cells of the plant will literally burst from too much water and form little scabs. The one on the right has a mixture of sunburn (the dark brown on the edges of the leaves) and what looks like damage from a pest that took some NOMS out of the leaves. Could be anything from snails to caterpillars, or even birds.