In one of your photos I can see that one of yo…

In one of your photos I can see that one of your bigger succulents have grown tall without producing leaves underneath, mine have done the same! I was wondering if you just let them do their thing or if it's bad? Mine are thriving but not growing leaves. Love your blog 😃

succulents can’t grow leaves from the bottom! all new growth occurs at the top, or from the center of a rosette. it’s normal for them to shed their bottom leaves — they’re old and the plant no longer needs them.

most succulents in the wild (this is especially true of echeveria, graptopetalum, and a few other rosette-type succulents) end up having a very long, bare stem with a nice, fat rosette at the very end.

it’s totally natural, but in cultivation people will usually cut the stem under the rosette when it gets too tall for their liking and re-root it for a more compact plant. it’s a preference thing.