Ok so 👀 my Monstera came from a cutting I too…

Ok so 👀 my Monstera came from a cutting I took out of my backyard before winter hit and killed my huge leaves my original one had, thank god I took this cutting. But uh 👀👀 he’s getting a little big and heavy on his front end, I’m supporting him by using a picture frame any recommendations on how to keep him in a pot and upright when he gets heavier?


He’s beautiful! monstera can grow fabulously large, so you’re going to need a nice heavy pot (ceramic or stone) and some supports. i’ve seen people use moss poles, wood or bamboo stakes, or even hang the vines from the wall / ceiling using rope or wall mounts. most home improvement stores will have ready made plant supports, but if they go into the soil make sure they’re non-rusting!