Adventures in hydroponics… i never expected ei…

Adventures in hydroponics… i never expected either of these guys to root, let alone thrive!

The pothos were literally just leaves with a bit of stem attached (not even any nodes!). they were extra from vine clippings, and i just put them in the water for some temporary ~glass jar aesthetic~. i didn’t expect them to live very long, but for months they just sat there, not changing for good or for bad. okay, cool. i changed the water a few times but that was it. no fertilizer, no grow light – in fact it was on my dresser a few feet from the window. then, i don’t know if it’s the extra spring light or what, they started growing roots about a month ago. SORCERY.

the sansevieria was another “accident”. i pulled it from a sickly arrangement i was given by someone who didn’t want the plants but also didn’t want them to die (woohoo i’m the neighborhood plant lady!). i didn’t have a suitable pot at the time so i just stuck the plant (which had no roots whatsoever) in this jar so it wouldn’t totally dry out. filled it with water so half of the rhizome was covered. i noticed after a few days that the exposed rhizome got fuzzy, so i completely submerged it. after a week or two i noticed that the plant didn’t seem happy or sad, so i left it in the jar. just out of curiosity. i would pot it up… eventually.

long story short it started growing roots after about two months and has put out one new leaf (not visible here). i’ve been changing the water every few weeks, and adding a drop of liquid fertilizer every month. so now you know… totally possible to root a snake plant in water.