Hi! I’ve had this beauty (Echeveria Pulidonis)…

Hi! I’ve had this beauty (Echeveria Pulidonis) since December and never had any issues. Up until last month when I got really lazy and neglected it for a month and didn’t bother giving it any daylight. The leaves had began to stretch is what I expected. Began putting it outside for a few good hours. But then I noticed last week the bruises showed up and the leaves are now floppy and soft. Almost drooping now. I’m wondering if it’s overwatered? I’m going to let it dry out more though the soil is already bone dry. I just don’t want to lose it yet! Any advice would be helpful! Thank you so much in advance! ✨🌵🌱


It doesn’t look overwatered, quite the opposite in fact. based on the new growth, it looks like it’s getting a lot of light. most echeveria are very Thirsty™ when outside in the sun. i don’t know where you’re located or how warm it’s been for you, but here we just went through a heatwave of 80-90 F temps, and i was watering constantly.

as long as your succulents are in fast-draining soil, you can safely water them during the summer as soon as you notice the soil drying out (not during rainy or overcast weather, tho). you can water them even sooner if they’re in terra cotta pots. water them EVERY DAY if it’s 90+ and sunny. it’s a huge misconception that succulents and cacti don’t like water— they like it just fine. they just have more rules about how they take it. 🙂