Hi! I'd love to grow "weeds" in…

Hi! I'd love to grow "weeds" indoors, especially dandelions. I love them so much. Last summer I tried taking some from outdoors but they died pretty quickly. So this summer I'll have to use seeds but I can't find anything on how to grow them, what they need and stuff? And if they can even be grown indoors..! Are there any other weeds that could be grown indoors?

It’s possible to grow dandelions indoors, but they need a LOT of light. if you don’t want scraggly little greens you’re gonna have to invest in a grow light. they also need soil free of peat (too acidic) — like topsoil, organic potting soil, maybe a bit of compost, etc.

dandelions specifically need a deep pot since they have long roots. pop the seeds in the fridge for a week or two (cold stratification) before planting them to increase germination rates, but after planting keep the soil moist and WARM.

you can grow a few other weeds indoors. i don’t know a full list, but i know that people have had success keeping plantain and wood sorrels alive and kicking.

my BEST advice (and this may seem random) is to look through forums about tortoises! tortoise keepers feed their babies foraged greens and many of them have advice on growing these plants indoors or in controlled conditions. happy growing!!