Hi! This is my new sundew straight from the ga…

Hi! This is my new sundew straight from the garden centre (There was no ID but i’m quite sure it’s D. capensis). It seems there’s like 15 or so plants in a single pot – and i don’t know, should i leave them as they are, or repot each one of them separately? I’ve found info about the right kind of water, humidity, sun etc. but nothing about space needed by each plant. Help?


First of all she is GORGEOUS. second of all yes, she is definitely d. capensis. third of all, they will do fine crowded like this most of the time, but you can certainly divide them if you want to make more plants. the only thing that is important when it comes to space needed for sundews (and flytraps) is that the pot is deep. these guys have very long roots and they love to stretchhhh them out. pots should be at least five inches tall, but generally the taller the better.