I think my cat made my plants 'sick?&#039…

I think my cat made my plants 'sick?' I had an incident with my boy, an old aquarium full of succs, and a very ill-fitting lid ^^; ofc there were some casualties, the rest are allright but I believe my cats claws nicked a few of the plants' leaves. Since then, they've had some weird symptoms ranging from minor discoloration to little black and brown spots to huge, nasty lesions. Is there anything that I can do or did I doom my photosynthesizing babies? (and should I send any pics?) thanks!

I don’t think they’re necessarily DOOMED, but it sounds to me like they have some nasty injuries!

If the marks have turned hard/corky, that means they’ve scarred over and while it’s not pretty, it does mean the plant has healed itself. If any of the marks are oozing, discolored, or look like they’re spreading, this could indicate infection. I would remove any particularly funky-looking leaves. Again, not pretty — but it’s better for the overall health of the plant.

For future ref: any time a plant gets nicked or cut, it helps to coat the wound with some cinnamon powder to prevent infections / encourage healing.