Hi!! So I was given a Venus flytrap as a prese…

Hi!! So I was given a Venus flytrap as a present and for the most part I know how to take care of it, but I do have a few questions? 1. How long can it go without eating? I can't make it to the store till Tuesday. 2. How do I remove the black traps? 3. Should I move it to a bigger pot, so it can eat? Can it still eat if it's still in the cylinder thing it came in? Thank you!! ☺️

1. They don’t HAVE to eat. as long as their water and lighting conditions are being met they will be fine!

2. You don’t need to remove black traps, they will fall off eventually on their own. but if they really bother you, you can snip them off with a small scissors.

3. I’m not sure why a bigger pot would help with eating? But if it looks crowded you can certainly repot it.

4. If by “cylinder” you mean a clear lid – you should gradually start to remove it for longer periods of time until your plant can go without it. Lids aren’t really good for them.