Hey! So this is a Golden pothos I’ve had for y…

Hey! So this is a Golden pothos I’ve had for years and I was wondering if you also thought it would be a good idea to have a couple vines go into and out of a new pot elsewhere in the room? I figure it would be good for it to be able to get water and nutrients from a different spot, but I wanted a second opinion. Thanks!


WOW this baby is gorgeous. I’ve never even had the thought to add a second pot for trailing vines, but it sounds like a cool thing to try! You could go about it in a way similar to layering.

Remove the leaves from the section of vine that’s going in the pot (look at the nodes – they may already have little bumps, which are the beginnings of roots!) and bury this section in the soil. Make sure at least one node is buried, with the bumps pointing down into the soil if possible. You can use wire pins or rocks to keep the vine under the soil if it’s being stubborn. Keep the soil lightly moist. Rooting can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months.

This might work well in the long run or might not. Forcing the mother plant to make a new root system might take up some resources that she would have used elsewhere (like making new leaves). But it’s still a cool experiment to try.