NASA Astronaut Scott Tingle Tweets Beautiful P…

NASA Astronaut Scott Tingle Tweets Beautiful Picture Of Red Romaine Lettuce Being Grown On The ISS:


“The vegetables are being grown in the “Veggie” plant growing facility on the ISS. This fully enclosed, plant-growing chamber was installed in November last year, according to This chamber allows plants to grow under blue, red, green, and white LED lights. It also features approximately 180 sensors to provide NASA scientists detailed information about the level of oxygen, moisture, temperature, etc., within the “Veggie” chamber.

According to NASA, this experiment will enable it to investigate the effect of microgravity on the plant growth. As these vegetables grow on the ISS, the crew will get the opportunity to eat them. The outer leaves of the space-grown greens will be picked by the astronauts as needed, but the central part of the plant will be left to develop further. Some samples will also be sent back to the Earth to allow scientists to carry out further experiments on these vegetables.“

Another aim of these experiments is to assess the impact of space gardening on the mood and morale of the astronauts in space.