I love your blog and was wondering why do you …

I love your blog and was wondering why do you let your fly traps only keep one flower stalk??? I've had a few and never trimmed it, does it serve a purpose or just asthetic??

it’s personal preference, mostly. during the time when most flytraps flower (february through march) my plants are still indoors. they’re in a bright southwestern window, but still not getting the full sun they need to produce the BIG, BEEFY traps i love. flowering takes additional energy from the plant that it would otherwise use to make traps and leaves; so i get rid of the flowers in favor of more, bigger traps.

but if you really enjoy the flowers and don’t mind a few smaller traps, or if your plant is in ideal conditions and isn’t bothered by flowering because it’s getting plenty of sun and bugs — leave the flowerstalks. it doesn’t really harm or help either way. 😀