Planning for 2018

My garden plans for this year are, shall we just say, ambitious. Over the winter I’ve acquired three boxes of seed (most shared by wonderful and generous friends and only most of one bought because I was interested in specific varieties. I’m a bit worried that my ideas might outstrip my abilities, but seeds are cheap and there’s always next year!

The next several posts are just going to be text lists of what I’m putting out onto the ground and into seed starting cells. If it goes well, there will be pictures later. I may eventually start doing some quick picture tutorials, but I’m still figuring some of this out myself and don’t want to pass on bad advice. But right now the weather is grey and the little setup under the shop light is barren and boring and this part is just a bit of manual labor with a spray bottle, a little patience, and a lot of hope.

I have a digital seed inventory, hand drawn layouts of the house, several different versions of square foot layouts based on different numbers and sizes of raised beds, and plans for a dozen containers and a new half barrel for tea herbs. I’ve been plotting ground cover and native seeds, and colors and butterfly attractors (which are also good for the bees!), and things with taproots to help hold up the hill and quantity to hopefully outpace the gophers. With enough seed, something will out compete the weeds eventually, right? I want cosmos and flax and coreopsis and vines in containers and hanging baskets and…

And if I get even *half* of that accomplished I’ll be pretty darn happy, because this place will look twice as good.