Hey? Do you answer gardening questions? I want…

Hey? Do you answer gardening questions? I want to make paper mache eggs (minus the glue) for Easter and put seeds in them so my friends can plant them!! I was wondering if food dye was safe to add to the mixture ? To give it color ! ♥️

UM this is adorable? you are such a cool friend?? 😍

i would think that a drop or two of food dye is fine, but if you’re hesitant about adding commercial food dye, you can always use a natural colorant!! beet juice makes shades of pink, turmeric makes yellow, onion skins make orange, matcha makes green, blueberry juice makes purple, and blueberry juice mixed with baking soda makes blue!

there are tons of sites with instructions on making natural dyes – i suggest giving them a look. i’ve had success with them dyeing cotton fibers, and while they don’t have the intense saturation of artificial dyes, they’re beautiful in their own way.