Hello!! So this is me begging for help for my …

Hello!! So this is me begging for help for my jellybeans. I recently killed some mealy bugs that were in the roots (y’know that stinky white stuff) with alcohol, and had to cut some stems because they were brown/kinda dry. Right now I really dont know what to do bc the beans are getting mushy and soft and they’re getting even more red. There’s some roots high from the soil and I’m kinda panicking. Is there a way I can still save it? Should I just propagate the little beans before it’s too late?


These guys look very thirsty! That’s why there are roots growing from the stems and the bottom leaves are shriveled. It could be because the root damage was too severe, in which case watering probably won’t help. I would cut the stems below where the high roots are and try to re-root them in new soil. Luckily jellybean sedum are SUPER quick to root and grow, so you should have no trouble!