Hi! I was wondering if you could help me? I li…

Hi! I was wondering if you could help me? I live in central Spain, and here we have very harsh, dry and cold winters (even reaching -10 or less degrees Celsius) and equally harsh, dry and super hot summers (up to 35 or 40 degrees Celsius). Do you know any plant, preferably with flowers, that can survive that climate? I have lots of local plants in my garden but I wish I had some plant that gives flowers in winter as my garden looks rather sad now. Thank you!💕

Hmm. I don’t know much about Spain’s native flora, or how readily available seeds and seedlings that I’m familiar with are, but I’ll offer a few suggestions! For some INTENSE flower color – gaillardia, calendula, coreopsis, buddleia. All of these are happy in the sun and tolerate drought conditions. For plants that bloom or look their best in winter – various types of sage, ice plants, aloe, or haworthia.

¡¡ Check before planting any of these that they aren’t invasive in your area and won’t pose a risk to any native flora !!

* Followers familiar with southern European gardening – any input would be welcome! 🤗