Was wondering if you could diagnose my silver …

Was wondering if you could diagnose my silver pothos? Got it from home depot a few months ago and over those months the leaves have been either getting brown dry spots on them or turning yellow and falling off. It has good drainage and I water it when the soil is dry below the surface. Was in pretty low light, could that be the problem? Or is home depot soil really shitty maybe? 


That’s a beautiful pothos!! i’m going to say the issue is a combination of low light and overwatering. low light means that the soil dries out much slower, and though it may be dry an inch or two below the surface, the rest of the soil could still be wet. AND since it’s winter, most plants need to dry out a bit more than they do during the growing season.

it also looks a bit overcrowded – it wouldn’t hurt to repot it into fresh soil and a slightly bigger pot, or divide and repot into two pots. best of luck!