Submitted by caustic-jay

Hi! I sent you an ask a while back asking about help with identifying some plants. I’ve also noticed some weird orange-y discoloration on the last cacti, no idea what it might be – although it has been outside and pretty neglected, but I brought it in and repotted a week or so ago and that’s when I noticed it. If you have and advice or tips to help, that would be wonderful. Thank you so much! Also, apologies in advance if I do anything wrong, I’m not so confident using tumblr…


For some reason tumblr ate all of the images once I queued this… i hope you remember the order the pics were in! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pic 1 – Crassula, possibly corymbulosa

Pic 2 – the three small ones on the left are echeveria, not sure of the species. the tall guy top right is a black prince echeveria. the bottom one is a haworthiopsis fasciata

Pic 3 – Mammillaria spinosissima

Pic 4 – Opuntia microdasys

Pic 5 – Melocactus, not sure of the species. this looks like rust, which is a fungal problem. probably from being outside and being exposed to too much rain or humidity. the marks are permanent, but repotting it will help. keep it dry until spring!