Groundcover Experiment #1: Back Strip

Okay, we are having the weirdest winter ever up here. The entire rest of the country is or was struggling through Snowmageddon and here we a grand total of about half an inch and only a few more rainstorms. The lows are currently in the middle 40s (F) and it’s predicted to be sunny the rest of the week.

So, this might have been a terrible idea, but I have hundreds of seeds and an itch to plant *something.* I skipped sowing seeds out in the fall since we never had a clear “freeze date,” but it’s a possibility that this may work. I mixed seeds from purple Alyssum, Johnny Jump Up, Tequilla Sunrise Snapdragons, and Common Thyme with some basic light potting mix and scattered it lightly over the area. We’ll see what comes up! The thyme and the violas (Johnny Jump Ups are supposed to be a very early germinating variety) are supposed to be cold-hardy, and the other two are there for color and because their seeds were also tiny, numerous, and very easy to scatter.