Help! I left my flat and all the various pots …

Help! I left my flat and all the various pots (from fern to cactis) for two weeks and came back to find it full of what I think is "fungs gnats" , is there a way to clear pots from their larvae that wouldn't harm my succulents and bulbs ? Meanwhile I mindlessly crush those flies but it doesn't seem to end

The first thing I would so is let the soil of the cacti and succulents dry out completely, and the soil of the other plants dry one or two inches from the surface. Fungus gnats like wet soil so that will help.

Second, larvae death. You can try drenching the soil with 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 4 parts water, which will hopefully kill a lot of them on contact. Another method is laying raw potato slices on top of the soil. Gnat larvae are drawn to them for whatever reason. Leave them for a few hours or up to two days, and then lift them up to check – they should be full of larvae. Discard the slices.

For the adult gnats, sticky tape is good. BEST is getting yourself a sundew with lots of sticky leaves – I haven’t had a gnat problem since!