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Regrowing Store-Bought Chi-chi-chi-chia

Chia has been a relatively easy plant to grow, but I just can’t seem to get a long enough time for the blossoms to mature into seeds in New England zone 7a. I’ve attempted this at least three seasons now. And yes, this chia came out of a bag I bought at Costco. These beautiful long stalks grew upwards of 6 to 7 feet tall and put out clusters of blue flowers that the bees love in mid-fall. Unfortunately, that’s as far as I am able to take  it. I hear the leaves of the chia plant can be used in a tea that’s good for “cleansing” but I don’t know any other details beyond this. Personally, I did not use the leaves for tea because, I can’t stand the aroma. It kinda has this odd medicinal reek that makes me gag.

If for nothing else though, this can make for a beautiful border and privacy plant for your garden and food for the pollinators.