How do you recognize a dormant-type succulent?…

How do you recognize a dormant-type succulent? Is a case by case kind of thing?

All cacti and succulents do dormancy, friend – they just go through varying degrees of it! The most common succulents (echeveria, kalanchoe, sedum, etc.) go dormant over the cool/cold season, during which time they need much less water and experience some color loss. Some succulents (haworthia, lithops, aeonium, etc.) go dormant during the warm/hot season, during which they need very little water and don’t grow very much at all. Desert cacti like to be kept cold (but not freezing!) and completely dry during the cold season.

This is all, of course, depending on location and the care each person gives their plants. Dormancy is triggered by temperature and rain and not the actual “season”, so if you keep your plants indoors where the climate is controlled and continue care as usual, they won’t experience a dormant period. And a cold season in the northern hemisphere is at a different time than in the southern hemisphere, so that’s also something to think about. It can get confusing, but I hope this answers your question at least somewhat!