Hello, sorry to bother you but do you know wha…

Hello, sorry to bother you but do you know what he has ? I watered him today after just two weeks in fear that he is thirsty
I thought it was just leaves dying of old age but a sprout started wrinkling and one stem is now bowing


They look like they’ve been overwatered. If the stem is starting to be affected, I would dig up the plant to check the roots for signs of rot (any sections that are brown/black or mushy). If it is rot, you’ll have to cut away any healthy stems and/or leaves to use for cuttings and discard the rest.

These guys require very little moisture over the winter. Treat them almost as you would a cactus: only give them a small sip of water once per month during winter and add a lot of pumice or perlite to their soil to help with drainage.